Allégresse is a skincare brand that’s designed for today's lifestyle. It combines dermatologic excellence with a nature-based formula, offering not just healthy skin but a holistic sense of well-being.

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Brand identity
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Allegresse brand identity by Deka Agency

With a unique logo, brand elements, and custom graphics, Allegresse is now fully equipped to radiate its beauty in a competitive market and attract clients seeking a sense of tranquility and relaxation.

The Challenge

Allégresse needed a cohesive and compelling brand identity to make sure they stood out in the highly competitive market. Our team delved into crafting unique yet resonating visuals that would represent the spirit of nature and relaxation.

brand identity for beauty brand
beauty brand design

brand identity

We crafted a visually appealing logo that symbolizes joy and beauty, encapsulating Allegresse's commitment to skincare and well-being. The carefully selected color palette mirrors freshness, positivity, and the natural components found in Allegresse's products.

Allegresse logo design
Beauty brand color palette deka

graphic design

To further enhance Allegresse's brand identity, we designed custom graphics depicting the ideal morning and night routines.

Graphic design Deka
Graphic design and packaging beauty
Visual identity to make the brand stand out among competitors

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